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  • naszezespoly_qara_bs

    Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

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    • Have a real influence on the forming of a global system of quality assurance.
    • Take part in international projects and fulfil a variety of tasks.
    • Benefit from the possibility to develop your competence under expert supervision.
    • Join an international team of internal auditors.
    • Use quality assurance tools and IT systems tailored for individual needs.
    • Together we form a young, unified team which is open to new challenges.

    Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager
    DGS Business Services

    We are responsible for maintaining a global quality management system and we ensure compliance with medical device regulations.
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    Quality Department

    #QualityManagement #QualityTools #QualitySystems #Certificates #QualityEngineering #Audits

    • Maintain the quality of technically advanced equipment in the entire spectrum of audiology.
    • Form an experienced quality assurance team, improve products and make production processes more efficient.
    • Take part in external audits and implement the Medical Device Single Audit Program.
    • Cooperate with specialists from Denmark, Germany, USA and Great Britain.
    • Work in a diverse environment, in a multinational, stable company.

    Quality Director
    DGS Poland

    If you want to see how the knowledge from quality assurance, electronic, mechanic and acoustic stud-ies can be put to practical use, join our quality assurance department, where you can create and man-age as well as oversee the quality of products.