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DGS – changing the quality of life

DGS is a part of Demant - a multinational organisation, which manufactures hearing aids, bone conduction hearing implants and hearing support systems.

The William Demant Foundation, the owner of the William Demant Invest fund, is the main shareholder in the Demant Group. It is also a shareholder in the Icelandic Össur Group, which provides solutions for non-surgical orthopaedics.

At DGS, we provide a wide range of services both for the Demant and Össur Groups. We form the backbone of the organisation, providing necessary infrastructure and offering services ranging from HR, finances, IT, to quality assurance.

Through our cooperation we fulfill the mission and vision of Demant. Together, we help people around the world, by making their lives better.


The Demant Group is the only organisation in the world to offer solutions in each of the four areas of hearing medicine: hearing aids, hearing implants, diagnostic equipment and communication devices. This unique place of Demant within the group ensures synergy and helps millions of people to experience the joy of hearing for many years.

Thanks to such a broad approach and a wide range of products, the Demant Group, its partners and customers are fully prepared to help people with various types of hearing loss connect with the world and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

The main headquarters of Demant is located in Denmark. The company is listed on Nasdaq in Copenhagen as one of the 25 largest companies in terms of market cap (C25).


DGS around the globe

We grow as a group by caring for individuals

DGS is an internal function of Demant, which supports
the operations of all the companies within the group in various
business fields. Gathering all the key processes in one place,
allowed Demant to conduct their operations more efficiently
and focus on providing the highest quality of services.


DGS in Poland

Perfect services focused on customer needs

DGS operates in Poland since 2007. The company, initially under the name Oticon Polska Production, manufactured hearing aids at a manufacturing facility in Mierzyn. Over the course of its 10-year existence, the company expanded their production range to technologically advanced hearing aids and diagnostic equipment, as well as IT, HR, software development, quality assurance, finances and logistic services. Due to the dynamic growth and experienced staff, a decision was made in 2015 to create a new organisation, which would provide its services to companies being parts of the Demant Group. Currently, DGS employs 2500 people in Poland and is constantly expanding its operations, while continuously hiring new employees.

There are two organisations operating within the DGS, both being a part of the Demant Group:

  • DGS Poland (Mierzyn/ Szczecin) is responsible for the implementation of new products and the manufacturing of hearing aids and diagnostic equipment, as well as the management of a distribution center with a state-of-the-art high storage warehouse. The company employs experienced engineers and specialists.
  • DGS Business Services (Szczecin) is responsible for the financial service, quality assurance and legal compliance as well as IT support for the Demant Group. Polish and Danish specialists, who form an international R&D team, create software for the technologies used in state-of-the-art hearing aids and diagnostic equipment.

Employees of both DGS companies take part in international projects, cooperating closely with the headquarters in Denmark.

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