Our Teams

  • naszezespoly_software_rnd

    R&D Diagnostics Department

    #SoftwareForHearingDiagnoseDevices #SoftwareAndTestDevelopment #SCRUM

    • Develop an application for hearing diagnostics used in hospitals and health centres.
    • Be responsible for the final form of the product, as well as the entire process of software development.
    • Work in a global environment, cooperating with colleagues from the entire Demant Group.
    • Create solutions of the highest quality, utilising the most modern technologies.
    • Your colleagues are all qualified specialists in software programming and testing.
    • Work creatively, as our software is developed using the Scrum methodology.
    • Form an ambitious, well-organised team constantly wanting to discover new professional areas.

    Manager of the R&D Diagnostics department
    DGS Business Services

    We are a well-organised and ambitious team of specialists working on software development, which is used every day in the process of treating hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world.
  • naszezespoly_software_sws

    Software Solutions

    #SoftwareForHearingAids #SoftwareAndTestDevelopment #SCRUM #SoftwareArchitecture #ProductOwner

    • Be a part of a self-organising Scrum team, providing solutions for the global market.
    • Work with cutting-edge technologies.
    • Communicate in English and gain experience during world-class technological events.
    • Use professional tools and equipment, and your work is comfortable and pleasant.
    • Celebrate smaller and greater successes as a group.
    • Meet wonderful people full of energy and passion who work in a culture of understanding and respect.

    Head of the Software Development department
    DGS Business Services

    We provide solutions of the highest quality which we take pride in!