Our Teams

  • naszezespoly_finanse_bs

    Financial Shared Service Center

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    • Work in a dynamically developing organisation, which ensures many opportunities for development.
    • Play an important role in the company, work closely with head management of the group.
    • What you do, matters - we appreciate creativity.
    • The work atmosphere here is great, and the Scandinavian work culture is the best!
    • Have many opportunities to see other countries while fulfilling professional duties.
    • We care for you and ensure stability.

    Managing Director
    Financial Director at DGS Business Services

    The Financial Shared Service Center in DGS is a one of a kind equation:
    build an ethical business + develop as if in a corporation + operate as if in a family = there is no such organisation anywhere else.
  • naszezespoly_finanse_pl

    Local Financial Department

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    • Operate close to business, which allows to fully understand and support the company.
    • Communicate with various departments and take on the role of a leader.
    • As the company grows, have many opportunities for personal development and tackling new challenges.
    • Work in an atmosphere of mutual support and cooperation between the individual parts of the financial department.
    • Develop your interpersonal, communication and planning skills through group tasks.
    • Solve problems and overcome obstacles, by showing a ‘goal oriented’ attitude.

    Financial Director at DGS Poland

    We are a financial partner and we answer to business needs.