Why us?

Stable employment, ideal working conditions for professional development and a friendly atmosphere.

That’s the foundation. But that’s not all - we can offer much more.

  • Cinema tickets

    Relax after work the way you like. You can benefit from a packet of cinema tickets at a discount price.
  • Summer cottages in Denmark

    There’s nothing better than a vacation in Denmark! Our employees can rent summer cottages at one of three locations in Denmark for a reasonable price.
  • Free transportation

    Company buses provide transportation between Mierzyn and Szczecin. If you work in Szczecin you will receive partial reimbursement for public transport.
  • Private health care

    While caring for the health of people around the world, we cannot forget about our own. Private health care is available to all DGS employees.
  • Car and bike parking

    Car park or bicycle stand? You will always have room for your favourite mode of transport.
  • Company canteen

    At the company canteen in Mierzyn you will receive a tasty, affordable meal every day and in Szczecin - free breakfast every Friday.
  • Sport club and gym membership

    Do you like to work out? You can receive a discount on sport club memberships and use the gym in Mierzyn for a small fee.
  • Company events

    Picnics, concerts, festivals, carnivals… we have many opportunities to see each other outside the office too.

Get to know us better

… and this is how we spend our free time

We like to help


Every year we take part in one of the most recognisable social projects in Poland. We help as donors and volunteers of the Noble Box Project. We collect money for the preparation of Christmas gifts for families in tough living conditions.


We support the most popular charity event in Poland. We organise an auction, to which we bring various items, pastries and preserves, books, records, mugs… - anything worth bidding for. DGS doubles the amount collected in the auction and the whole sum is donated to one of the Great Orchestra’s centres in Szczecin.


We take every chance to help others. We help children from families in need, or being in the care of the Caritas educational care center. Together, we prepare packages, which bring much joy to the children at the center.


We work in the medical industry and thus the idea of donating blood is close to our hearts. We engage in one-time events as well as regular blood drives. This makes us realise, how little effort is required to help others.


Every year we take part in the event during which motorcyclists dress as Santas and give presents to children. We collect clothes, school accessories, toys and sweets, and we donate them to the children at the disability center.


We organise markets of handcrafted items, Christmas decorations, lanterns, pastries and other products, and the money collected in this way is donated to the treatment and rehabilitation of those in need. We also regularly help the hearing-impaired.